Pay as You Play


Thursday: $7.00

Friday: $10.00

Saturday: $12.00

Sunday: $10.00

  • $7.00 Mon-Wed admission during school holidays/breaks.
  • Free admission for children under 2 feet.
  • Parents staying w/ kids do not pay admission unless skating.

Skate Rental

Standard Quads: $3.00

Inlines/Blades: $4.00

Speed Quads: $4.00

Skate Mate Helper: $5.00

  • Socks req’d to use rental skates.
  • Personal skates allowed w/ paid admission, subject to inspection.
  • Skate Mate Helper not available after 6pm Saturday.

Bumper Cars


Rock Climb


Laser Tag

Single Session: $6.50

4 Sessions: $22.00

  • All sessions are 10 minutes.

Arcade Games




  • Under 5 feet only.
  • Socks req’d for entry.

All prices subject to 9% sales tax.

Play Packages

Zone A




Standard Skate Rental (or scooter rental for kids under 4 feet)

Softplay (Under 5 feet only. Socks req’d)

Zone B




Standard Skate Rental -or- Soft Play

2 Ride attractions*

1 Laser Tag session

$5 Arcade Card (20 points)

* (Bumper Cars, Rock Climb)

Best Value

Zone C




Standard Skate Rental

1 Laser Tag session

Package Add-ons

Add a Meal

  • Slice of pizza or Nathan’s hot dog & 20oz. drink

Skate Lessons

  • Saturdays 10am-11am
  • No RSVP required

All prices subject to 9% sales tax.

Admission charged for all kids over 2 feet tall. Parents do not pay admission unless skating.

Player Cards

What is a player card?

A Fun Zone Skate Center player card is how you pay for arcade games and attractions, keep up with redemption tickets, utilize a meal deal in the Pizza Zone, and so much more. This is a super easy alternative to filling cups or bags with tickets and tokens! These player cards can be loaded/reloaded with points at the redemption counter by a helpful Fun Zone employee or at our convenient kiosk, located in the arcade.

What can I use points for?

Points function as cash, and 4 points = $1 dollar. For example, if you load $20 on a player card, you will get 80 points. You can use points at the attractions and arcade games, as well as for purchases at the café or redemption counter. Ex: Laser Tag costs $6.50 or 26 points; a Brownie costs $2.00 or 8 points. Bonus Points are free points you get for loading a certain value on a card and may only be used in the arcade (Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, etc. do not accept Bonus Points).

What is a ticket?

Tickets, which are earned at a select number of arcade games, can be redeemed at the redemption counter for prizes! All tickets will be automatically loaded onto your player card after the game is over. • How do I check my player card balance? Your player card balance can be checked by a Fun Zone employee at the redemption counter, at the kiosk located in the arcade, or even online at (link to check card balance: https://funzoneskatecenter.centeredgeonline.com/card)

Does my player card expire?

While your attractions (laser tag, bumper cars, rock wall) expire after one calendar year, credits and prize tickets do not expire and will remain on your player card until they are used.

Can I combine the balances of multiple player cards?

Yes! At the redemption counter, a Fun Zone employee can consolidate credits and tickets from multiple cards.

If I lose my player card, can I replace it?

We can only replace a player card if the card has been registered to the player’s name. We encourage all guests using a player card to register it in our system.

How do I use the Kiosk?

Watch the video below for instructions.


Fun Zone Hours

  • Sunday: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Monday: Closed -
  • Tuesday: Closed -
  • Wednesday: Closed -
  • Thursday: Closed -
  • Friday: 2:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am - 9:30pm
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