Birthday Party FAQs

There are three easy ways to book a party: online, over the phone, and in person.

Yes. There is a non-refundable $50 minimum deposit.

No problem! Walk in or call to let us know 24 hours prior to party date.

While we’ll be sorry to miss you, your $50 minimum deposit is non-refundable. We always encourage our patrons to reschedule instead due to this reason with a 24-hour notice prior to party date.

If you had a previous hostess you or someone you know has enjoyed, you are welcome to request them again—otherwise one of our lovely hostesses will be assigned accordingly.

We will provide every party with 10 invitations. Guests who bring in their filled-out invitation will be rewarded with 4 tokens and coupons sent via e-mail for parents.

We send out invitations in the mail or you may come pick them up at Fun Zone.

We are happy to give you as many invitations as you need at no additional charge.

We have no problem with multiple birthday children per party; however, only one t-shirt will be provided at the end of the party additional shirts are $15.00 each.

We do not, but you are welcome to bring a cake and/or ice cream for your party. If desired, we can provide you with contact information for bakers.

You will be met at our party check-in station in the front lobby with a designated cart for you and your guests to store gifts and the birthday cake. Your hostess will record the names of your guests on a list, and hand out the appropriate tickets/tokens.

We schedule each party so that they have an arrival time that is an hour prior to party room time.

Your party hostess will be there to address any questions as well as serve food, drinks, cake, and presents during allotted time in the party room. She/he is there to make your experience as stress-free as possible.

Absolutely not, family members are more than welcome to accompany the party without paying an admission price.

If not invited to the party, siblings of guests’ admission will have to be paid for by accompanying adult.

We have our own skate-themed party plates, cups, and napkins set out for every party. If you would like to bring your own, our party hostesses are more than happy to assist in setting up personal decorations.

Each party package includes two 16″ pizzas and pitchers of soda.

Yes, you can add additional pizzas, platters and/or soda to your party. To guarantee any extra items arrive to your party room on time, we suggest adding any items prior to the day of your party.

You are allotted 45 minutes total inside your private party room.

Gratuities are not included in party package prices. If you are satisfied with your service, gratuities are encouraged and accepted.

No. Your party hostess has it all taken care of so that parents can enjoy as much time with their child as possible.

Your party hostess will organize all your gifts on your party cart and take it to the front where it will be waiting until you are ready to leave. You will also be assisted in taking your gifts to the car to make the trip easier.

After your 45 minutes in the party room, your party is welcome to enjoy our facility until we close—there is no rush.

You are welcome to pay your bill when you book your party, upon arrival, or when you are ready to leave.


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