Roller Skating

Bumper Cars

Forget road rage, only smiles result from these faux fender benders! Careen with family and friends around our bumper car area and let the sparks fly!

Laser Tag

Join your friends-turned-frenemies in the black-lit glow of our laser tag course and see whose aim is on the mark and who will prevail in the end with the ultimate mix of stealth and strategy.

Rock Wall

Strap up in a safety harness, gather your courage and scale our 35-foot rock wall in a true test of balance, strength and agility. Make it to the top solo or with friends but whatever you do, don’t look down!

Gyro Chair

Strap in and feel the force of our mind-boggling gyro chair… if you dare!

Jump Shot

Bounce away and make your best dunks on our Jump Shot court, where trampolines and the game of basketball combine for fun at gravity-defying heights.

Pizza Zone

When it’s time to recharge and take a break from all the high-energy fun, Fun Zone Skate Center’s full service restaurant Pizza Zone is open during regular business hours and offers hot and tasty hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, chicken fingers, fried pickles, fried mushrooms, chicken sandwiches, nachos and more.

Arcade (Redemption & Video)